“The Ripple Effect of Reciprocity” with Sofia Mendoza, LCSW

I never believed in serendipity until I met Sofia Mendoza during the pandemic. A talented social worker and creative force, Sofia blends laughter and deep conversation seamlessly. In this episode of Confetti All Around, we explore her journey, the art of crochet, and the power of reciprocity in friendship and community. Join us for an inspiring chat that highlights the beauty of unexpected connections.

Bibliotherapy is Inner Child Healing with Literapy_NYC

Should I just start this blog post off with a mini title called, “I’m not crying, YOU’RE Crying?!” because that is how my conversations with Emely Rumble feel. Whether I am catching her up on an IG voice notes while frying a tortilla, or reading her posts in her Fable book club, being in Emely’s […]

I am a #LegacyResource

Listen to Confetti All Around Season 2 Episode 11 “Legacy Burdens and Legacy Resources” In this solo episode Cynthia highlights her latest workbook The ABC’s to Protecting Your Inner Child’s Peace using the current active aggression in Gaza and the trauma endured as the example of legacy burdens and legacy resources throughout lineages. What ARE […]

Marianismo is our Glamour Magic and ours to unburden from

This title is enticing on purpose, because Latinidad is often an invisible burden we are faced to carry alone, and no complaining. When thinking of how to move beyond these intergenerational feelings of guilt and longing, I love to bring Marianismo as a big legacy burden many Latinos carry and don’t quite label or pathologize […]

Marianismo and Epigenetics, a love letter to those who came before me

It was May of 2020, 10 years after I received my B.A. in Chicano/Latino Studies from Cal State Long Beach. I was pacing the halls of my house after reading a passage about “epigenetics” in the book “It Didn’t Start with You” by Mark Wolynn. I couldn’t stop thinking beyond it. In the book Mark […]