Inner Child Altars and Rituals

Create soft spaces while re-imagining your inner child’s daily rituals.

At Rooted in Reflection, inner child spaces are rooted in safety, nostalgia and nature. This free “Inner Child Altars & Rituals” workbook is a loving resource designed to nurture your inner child and return to your authentic joy.

This workbook is not just a resource, it’s a transformative tool filled with inner child healing ideas and prompts that support this compassionate connection with your inner child.

What's Inside

Daily Rituals for Inner Child Connection

Seven daily practices that help you connect with your inner child, from setting morning intentions to creating personal altars.

Creative Exercises

Wherever you go, you carry your creative inner child with you

nature based Healing Techniques

Inner child rituals that honors your indigenous knowing

What is an Inner Child Altar?

An inner child altar is a dedicated space where you can honor and connect with your inner child. It’s a physical manifestation of your intention to nurture and heal this vital part of yourself. Creating an altar involves gathering items that evoke a sense of safety, joy, and connection to your past. This might include:

  • Personal Mementos: Objects from your childhood, like toys, photos, or keepsakes that remind you of happy times.
  • Nature Elements: Items from nature that bring you peace, such as seashells, stones, or flowers.
  • Symbolic Items: Objects that represent protection, love, and healing, like candles, crystals, or meaningful trinkets.


Setting up an altar is a powerful ritual that invites you to be present with your inner child, offering a space for reflection, meditation, and healing.

Free Workbook on Inner Child Healing

Why You Need This Workbook

Align with Your Life

Our "Inner Child Altars & Rituals" workbook provides practical, compassionate techniques to re-parent your inner child with daily care

Inner child safety

Strengthening our inner resources and connection to nature builds safety and community for our sweet inner child. Safety is their sweet spot.

Inner Child Resources

Create sacred spaces and rituals that honor your inner child while connecting with others who share your path. Podcast episodes for your inner child wonder.