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Join me, Cynthia Alonzo Perez, on the “Confetti All Around” podcast as we dive into the beautiful journey of inner child healing and its power to transform generations.

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At Confetti All Around, healing is both an art and a science. We blend the latest research in psychology and epigenetics with personal stories and practical advice. Whether you’re dealing with the legacy of trauma, navigating your identity, or seeking a deeper connection with your roots, our podcast offers a compassionate, empowering space.



La Llorona: Not Dead but Not Alive Either

Explore how the legend of La Llorona connects to Marianismo and intergenerational trauma, offering insights into healing through cultural heritage and personal reflection. Discover Cynthia’s journey in embracing La Llorona to heal her inner child and break the cycle of

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Community Mothers as a Legacy Resource

In this episode of Confetti All Around, host Cynthia Perez reflects on the concept of community mothering and the power of storytelling. She shares personal stories about her experiences as a stepmother and the impact of community mothers in her

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Healing Journeys

The Magic of Marianismo

Welcome back to Season 3 of Confetti All Around Podcast!!We are back with a new season and ready to get into more cuentos and curaciones. We have guests lined up who share their stories with joy and realness as we

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Decolonizing Therapy is for Everyone

In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Mullan discusses her book ‘Decolonizing Therapy: Oppression, Historical Trauma & Politicizing Your Practice”and the importance of addressing global and generational trauma.This is an intentional conversation or ceremony, if you will. To honor Dr. Jenn’s work

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BIPOC Identity and Healing

Hood Honey as Ancestral Medicine

In this conversation, Cynthia interviews Wendy Gonzalez, a female beekeeper, about her journey into beekeeping and her connection to her ancestors. Wendy shares the story of her grandmother, who was a beekeeper in Mexico, and how she was inspired to

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What We Talk About

Topics We Cover on Confetti All Around

Our ancestors’ experiences and wisdom are embedded in our DNA. They faced unimaginable challenges and still found ways to thrive. This podcast is a tribute to their strength and resilience. By exploring their stories and connecting with our heritage, we find the power to heal ourselves and honor their legacy.


Inner Child Healing

Reconnecting with your inner child is crucial. The Confetti All Around Podcast with Cynthia Perez explores how childhood experiences shape our adult lives and share techniques to heal and nurture your inner self.

Intergenerational Trauma

On the Confetti All Around Podcast by Rooted in Reflection, learn about the science behind trauma passed down through generations. Discover how our ancestors' experiences affect us and how to break the cycle for future generations.

Cultural Identity and Heritage

Celebrate your cultural identity. We discuss honoring your heritage, engaging with cultural practices, and drawing strength from your ancestors.

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

Practical mindfulness techniques and self-compassion exercises to support your healing journey and help you build a more resilient, joyful life.

Community and Connection

Healing is not a solitary journey. We emphasize the importance of community support, sharing stories, and building connections with those who understand your experiences.

Mental Health for Latinx Women

The popular Confetti All Around podcast addresses the unique challenges faced by Latinx women, covering topics like marianismo, the pressures of assimilation, and the power of community support.

Sponsoring the Podcast

Are you interested in reaching a dedicated audience passionate about mental health, cultural identity, and personal growth? We offer various sponsorship opportunities to connect your brand with our engaged listeners. For more information, contact us.

Becoming a Guest

Do you have a story to share about healing, cultural identity, or mental health? We’d love to hear from you! At Confetti All Around, we believe in the power of sharing personal experiences to inspire and uplift others. If you’re interested in being a guest on our podcast, please reach out to us with a brief introduction and the topics you’d like to discuss. We’re excited to connect and amplify your voice.

About Our Audience

Our listeners are a diverse, engaged community of individuals passionate about healing, cultural identity, and mental health. They are predominantly Latinx, BIPOC, and allies who value deep, meaningful conversations about their experiences and paths to healing. By sponsoring Confetti All Around, you’re not just advertising—you’re joining a mission to break the cycle of trauma and empower our audience.

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