Engage in a Transformative Ceremony Among the Trees

Join us for a deeply transformative group healing experience, the Inner Child Hamaca Homecomings, where the sacred meets the serene. Nestled between the trees, this intimate ceremony is designed to foster root healing through the power of reiki-infused sound.

June 15, 2024 | Long Beach

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Inner Child Hamaca Homecomings
Reiki Infused Sound Healing Ceremony

  • Group Healing in Sacred Hamacas

    Imagine lying comfortably in a hammock, surrounded by the tranquility of nature, as healing energies wash over you. Feel the gentle guidance of our experienced practitioners, Cynthia from Rooted in Reflection and Ehiliana from Bruja Magic, as they lead you through a transformative process. This ceremony isn't just about healing—it's about reclaiming your inner peace, nurturing your soul, and reconnecting with your roots on the sacred Tongva land.

Reclaim Your Inner Peace with Sacred Healing in Nature

Healing Atmosphere

Feel the embrace of nature as you engage in healing practices. The natural setting amplifies the effects of reiki and sound healing.

Personalized Experience

With a limit of 4 participants, each attendee receives individual attention, ensuring a profound and personalized healing journey.

Community and Connection

Share this experience with like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

Tongva Land

Our ceremony takes place on Tongva land, the traditional and unceded territory of the Tongva people. We honor and acknowledge the history and enduring presence of the Tongva community. By holding our ceremony here, we connect with the rich heritage of the land and its healing energies. This acknowledgment is a step towards healing intergenerational and cultural traumas, fostering a deeper connection to the land and its history.

What People Are Saying

Guided by Experience:

About Cynthia Perez

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years in mental health and wellness, I dedicate myself to creating spaces where individuals can heal intergenerational trauma and reconnect with their authentic selves. My passion lies in using joy, creativity, and cultural wisdom to facilitate healing. Through various modalities such as sound, sensory experiences, play, journaling, guided visualization, and ceremonial platica, I aim to provide a nurturing environment where you can explore your inner world, uncover your inherent strengths, and transform your life.

Guided by Experience:

About Ehiliana of 310 Bruja Magic

Ehiliana, also known as 310 Bruja Magic, brings a unique blend of Mexican-American heritage and bruja magic to her healing practices. With a deep mastery of Holy Fire Reiki and sound healing, Ehiliana creates a powerful healing environment. Her compassionate presence and skilled energy work facilitate profound emotional and spiritual transformations. She offers Reiki energy healing sessions and custom jewelry or wands, aiming to spread love and healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have prior experience with therapy or meditation to participate?

No prior experience is necessary. The Hamaca Homecomings Ceremony is designed for anyone seeking healing and connection, regardless of their background in therapy or meditation. Our experienced practitioners will guide you through each step, ensuring you feel comfortable and supported throughout the process.


Your comfort is our priority. While the ceremony is designed to foster deep emotional release, sharing personal experiences is entirely voluntary. You are welcome to participate at your own pace and comfort level. Our facilitators create a safe and supportive environment where you can choose how much or how little you want to share.

Participants are encouraged to bring a personal offering that holds special meaning to them. This could be anything that helps you feel connected and grounded, such as a small object, a piece of nature, or a personal memento. Additionally, dress comfortably and warmly, as the ceremony will take place outdoors. Be prepared for the elements and bring anything that will help you stay comfortable, like a blanket or extra layers.

Each session is limited to just 4 participants. This small group size ensures that everyone receives personalized attention and has a deeply immersive and transformative experience. The intimate setting fosters a safe space for deep emotional release and connection.

Our approach honors indigenous practices and centers the experiences of marginalized communities, particularly first-generation Latinx women. We use traditional healing methods like ceremonial platicas, guided visualizations, and sound healing to help you reconnect with your roots and heal intergenerational trauma.

During the ceremony, you will lie comfortably in a hammock (hamaca) while being guided through inner child meditation and reiki-infused sound healing. The natural surroundings amplify the healing energies, helping you release blockages and connect deeply with your inner self. The experience is designed to be both intense and light, providing a space for profound emotional release and healing. You will leave feeling more balanced, grounded, and connected to your authentic self.

In case of inclement weather, we will notify participants in advance and reschedule the ceremony to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. We believe that nature plays a crucial role in the healing process, so we aim to hold the ceremony in the best possible conditions.

We strive to make our ceremonies accessible to everyone. If you have any physical limitations, please let us know in advance so we can make necessary accommodations. The hammocks are designed to be comfortable and supportive, but we are happy to discuss any specific needs you may have.