“Self Compassion is my Super Power”

Using sound and softness to come back home to oneself

This is a live interactive workshop highlighting self-compassion as the activator within us to show up authentically and open us up for connection. Cynthia Perez, LCSW of Rooted in Reflection will explain the science behind self compassion as a tool to rewire our nervous system for calm. This workshop includes EFT Tapping, bilateral stimulation using music, and sound healing using glass bowls and drums. This is a moment to slip into your softest self, collectively.

Testimonial from past client:

“We invited Cynthia to come and provide a workshop for our annual EmpowerUS Womxn’s Summit at UCI. She was such a joy to work with and gave us so many possibilities to choose from. She was incredibly thoughtful in her planning and wanted to make sure she was providing the most meaningful experiences for our attendees. People absolutely loved her workshop – people kept joining even though there were no seats left and they had to sit on the floor. She brought a wonderful, warm energy and provided psycho-education in an accessible way, and also provided practical tools for people to walk away with. I absolutely recommend reaching out to Cynthia if you’re interested in providing people with an engaging, creative, and enriching experience.”

— Rasta Bagheri, MSW and Coordinator for CARE at

University of California, Irvine