Reconnect with Your Authentic Self at Long Beach Inner Child Healing Workshops

At Rooted in Reflection we host inner child healing workshops and spaces , I’m Cynthia Perez, an inner child hype woman, the founder of Rooted in Reflection and I am passionate about the power of community and connection. Our Long Beach-based events are not just intergenerational trauma healing workshops, they are transformative experiences designed to promote deep healing, personal growth, and cultural celebration.

I collaborate with local businesses to bring these heart-centered experiences and mental health events for anyone on their healing journey, with a special focus on BIPOC and Latina communities, to Long Beach and throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.

Whether you’re seeking to heal past traumas, build resilience, or connect with your true self, our mental health and inner child healing therapeutic events offer a supportive and welcoming space for you to thrive.

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We incorporate the latest in neuroscience, somatics, and cultural practices to provide holistic healing experiences. Our focus includes trauma therapy for BIPOC, trauma therapy for Latinx women, epigenetics, and marianismo.

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Reach out to discuss your interest in partnering with Rooted in Reflection. We’ll explore how our events can align with your goals and benefit your community.

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Hosting an inner child healing workshop or self-compassion event can create a unique and meaningful experience for your community. Our events can be customized to meet your specific needs and provide a significant impact.

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Our events attract a diverse group of individuals who are invested in their personal development. Partnering with us can increase foot traffic to your business and create a buzz within the community.

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Align your business with a mission-driven organization dedicated to healing and community support. Demonstrating your commitment to community health can strengthen your brand’s reputation.

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Questions and Answers about Rooted in Reflection's Long Beach Workshops and events

What types of events does Rooted in Reflection offer in Long Beach?

At Rooted in Reflection, we offer a variety of transformative events including Self Compassion workshops, Inner Child Nesting Doll sessions, Inner Teen Seances, Inner Child Altars and Rituals workshops, and Love Letters to My Inner Child writing workshops.

Our workshops are open to adults of all genders who are seeking to heal past traumas, build resilience, and connect with their authentic selves. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds, with a focus on the BIPOC and Latinx communities.

We host our events at various welcoming locations throughout Long Beach, often partnering with local businesses to create a comfortable and accessible space for everyone.

Signing up is easy! Simply visit our Upcoming Events Calendar, choose the workshop you’re interested in, and follow the registration instructions. We look forward to having you join us.

Yes, we love partnering with local businesses and organizations in Long Beach. If you’re interested in hosting one of our transformative workshops, please get in touch with us to explore collaboration opportunities.

Expect a warm, supportive environment where you can explore and heal. Our workshops include creative activities, guided reflections, storytelling, and group discussions, all led by experienced therapists dedicated to your well-being.

Our workshops integrate neuroscience, somatics, and cultural practices to offer comprehensive trauma therapy, especially tailored for BIPOC and Latinx women. We address intergenerational trauma, epigenetics, and cultural themes like marianismo to help you heal deeply.