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Rosa Shetty

Inner Healing Paths Podcast

In this episode we talk to Rosa Shetty, LCSW about inner child work in practical and creative ways. Cynthia and Rosa share their journey bonding with their own inner child while honoring their own children. Rosa’s story of re-parenting herself during moments of grief and celebration and the inner wisdom she has gained through this journey. Walk in joy with us!

Rosa Shetty, LCSW is a licensed mental health therapist from Los Angeles, California.  Rosa intertwines inner child healing, ancestral reconnection, and spirituality with the latest research-based therapy approaches.  Rosa has over 15 years of clinical experience helping adults heal from childhood trauma, and intergenerational trauma. Rosa is also the host of the Inner Healing Paths Podcast and develops workshops on healing from trauma and generational wounds.

Find Rosa on IG@RosaShetty and listen to her podcast: Inner Healing Paths Podcast on all major platforms.

Picture of Cynthia Alonzo Perez

Cynthia Alonzo Perez

Hi, I'm Cynthia Perez, your official Inner Child Hype Woman the founder of Rooted in Reflection. With over 15 years in social work, I’ve dedicated my career to helping people heal from intergenerational trauma and find joy through culturally sensitive healing spaces. I'm passionate about empowering the Latinx community and fostering creative healing for those often overlooked in traditional wellness programs. Whether you're joining a workshop, a wellness talk, or a retreat, my goal is to create a community-centered space where you can feel seen, heard, and healed.
Cynthia Alonzo Perez

Inner Child Hype Woman

Cynthia Perez, MSW, LCSW, is the founder of Rooted in Reflection. She’s an expert in intergenerational trauma and bilingual, culturally sensitive therapy, offering transformative workshops and retreats.

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