Summer Inner Child Healing Circles – Overview

Summer 2024Healing Spaces Collective groups and 1:1 coaching Hi, I’m Cynthia Alonzo Perez. At Rooted in Reflection, we create spaces for healing, connection, and growth. Our summer healing circles are designed to help you heal intergenerational trauma, nurture your inner child, and embrace your true self. These circles are open to all adults, especially those […]

My Marianismo: Energy Healing Circle

My Marianismo: Energy Healing Circle This group is an intentional claim to our revolutionary love from within our cells throughout our aura. We step into our life force energy and soften to our expansive potential to give and receive love.     Our culture and history have given us so much strength, yet we often carry […]

My Marianismo: Unburdening Myself

My Marianismo: Unburdening Myself This space is for you and your inner child to unpack this intergenerational trauma that has you performing and people pleasing. Or maybe you feel distant and numb when you want to soften but don’t know how to start. This space is intentional for those who have done inner child work […]

Reparenting My Inner Child with Indigenous Joy

Reconnect with Your Inner Child and Reclaim Your Joy Together, we’ll connect with our inner children at various ages, free ourselves from legacy burdens, and rediscover our inherent gifts. This virtual group focuses on the experiences of marginalized communities, using joy, creativity, and compassion to heal intergenerational trauma. Now Accepting Private coaching 1:1  6 1 […]