My Marianismo: Energy Healing Circle

This group is an intentional claim to our revolutionary love from within our cells throughout our aura. We step into our life force energy and soften to our expansive potential to give and receive love. 


 Our culture and history have given us so much strength, yet we often carry silent burdens that need care and attention. This is why I created My Marianismo: Energy Healing Circle – a space where we can honor our roots, release deep-seated trauma, and embrace our authentic selves.

You’ve already started your healing journey, and now it’s time to go deeper. This circle isn’t about quick fixes, it’s about real, lasting transformation. 

Together, we’ll use guided visualizations, reiki, and color magic to unblock our chakras and create a sense of safety within our bodies. 

June 14, 2024

A journey to heal ancestral wounds, honor your roots, and nurture your authentic self.


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Step Into Your Authentic Self and Heal Inter-generational Trauma

Three Month course and Collective Healing Group

Bi-Monthly Healing Sessions

Fridays 6-7:30pm PST on Zoom and asynchronous videos & prompts. 

Comprehensive Resource Kit

Supportive Community Access

Flexible Payment Plans

Embody your Epigenetic Flow

Somatic Energy Healing

We will FEEL what we have been unpacking and clear out stuck pathways in our energy

Root Healing with light work

Honoring traditional tools of self healing and collective vibration with indigenous medicine

The softening

This group holds space for our softening as we clear our chakras and flow more easily into caring for ourselves.

Root to Bloom Light Energy Healing in Community

This space is for collective embodied healing of root trauma through reiki, prana energy, polyvagal toning, guided visualization and nature as an inner home. 


This is for those wanting to be intentional with themselves in a loving and colorful way. We center chakra energy healing and “color magic” using indigenous Indian, Chinese and Japanese energy work along with building our own intuitive guide book for our inner home to be clear, colorful and compassionate. 

Healing is not just a personal journey, it’s a collective one deeply rooted in indigenous wisdom and practices. This program honors the traditions and knowledge passed down through generations, focusing on intergenerational trauma within marginalized communities.

This space is open for adults and centers the experience of marginalized communities and focuses on healing intergenerational trauma through joy, creativity and compassion. 

We deserve softness in real time.

Our virtual healing circles offer the tools and support you need to heal past wounds, reconnect with your true self, and improve your relationships. By integrating indigenous practices, we tap into a rich source of healing that respects and elevates our ancestral heritage. 

This is deeper than healing ourselves, it's about healing our communities and honoring our ancestors.

Join a community of like-minded people who are also on their path to healing and growth. Our virtual sessions are designed to provide a safe and supportive environment where we can explore our inner worlds and reclaim our joy together.

We carry the strength of our ancestors within us.

We focus on creating spaces that honor joy, creativity, and compassion, ensuring our approach is inclusive and culturally respectful.

Guided by Experience:

About Cynthia Perez

I’m Cynthia Alonzo Perez, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience in the mental health and wellness field. My mission is to create compassionate spaces where individuals can heal intergenerational trauma, reconnect with their authentic selves, and practice self-compassion.

I believe in the power of joy, creativity, and cultural wisdom as pathways to healing. My programs are designed to provide a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your inner world, uncover your inherent strengths, and transform your life. I incorporate a variety of modalities such as sound, senses, play, journaling, guided visualization, and ceremonial platica to facilitate deep healing.


What People Are Saying

“People absolutely loved her workshop – people kept joining even though there were no seats left and they had to sit on the floor. She brought a wonderful, warm energy and provided psycho-education in an accessible way, and also provided practical tools for people to walk away with. I absolutely recommend reaching out to Cynthia if you're interested in providing people with an engaging, creative, and enriching experience.” -- Rasta, Coordinator for CARE at University of California, Irvine

Here’s What You Can Expect Each Week

Root to Bloom Color Magic Healing with Chakras, Prana & Reiki

JUNE 2024

Root- Scarcity

We start at the root as the foundation of inherited beliefs and energy. 

Sacral- Joy

Moving out of scarcity and inviting abundant JOY

Solar Plexus- Ser

Stepping into our authentic voice and intuition. This sharpens our connection with ancestors and land. 

July 2024

Heart- Compassion

Let’s clear out resentment and jealousy with compassion and a softening our the heart. 

Throat- Expression

Bring out the change maker by standing in your gifts and expressing yourself creatively and intentionally. 

Third Eye- Perspective

Abundance of revolutionary love and understanding to the suffering and the compassion of ourselves and the world

August 2024

Crown- Source Healing

Allowing our crown chakra to open and deliver messages for our highest healing and protection 

Clearing the portal

We reflect on the messages from our energy work what portals were open and what had stagnant energy and open up our spirit to continued inner knowledge and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How interactive are the sessions?

Very interactive! We encourage participation through guided discussions, visualizations, and group activities. However, you can engage at your own comfort level.

Inner child work involves connecting with and healing the part of you that holds childhood memories and emotions. It’s crucial because unresolved childhood experiences can affect your adult life, causing stress, anxiety, and relationship issues. Healing your inner child helps you reclaim your joy and authenticity.

No problem! All sessions are recorded and available for you to watch at your convenience. You’ll also have access to the group board where you can catch up and participate in discussions anytime.

Not at all! This program is designed for everyone, whether you’re new to inner child work or have some experience. We provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can learn and grow at your own pace.

Our approach honors indigenous practices and centers the experiences of marginalized communities, particularly first-generation Latinx women. We use traditional healing methods like ceremonial platicas, guided visualizations, and sound healing to help you reconnect with your roots and heal intergenerational trauma.

You’ll be part of a caring community where you can share your journey, receive encouragement, and connect with others who understand your experiences. The group board allows for ongoing support and interaction between sessions.

By the end of this program, you can expect to have a deeper understanding of your inner child, improved emotional resilience, stronger self-compassion, and practical tools to continue your healing journey. Many participants also report feeling more connected to their cultural heritage and more confident in their authentic selves.

It’s completely normal to feel nervous. This healing circle is a safe, non-judgmental space. You can share as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. Many find that simply listening to others’ stories can be incredibly healing.

All sessions are conducted via Zoom. After signing up, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to join the sessions and access all digital materials, including guided exercises and journaling prompts.

Break Free from What’s Holding You Back

We understand that taking the first step towards healing can be daunting. You might be wondering if this program is the right fit for you, if you have the time, or if you will truly see the benefits. Let us address these concerns head-on:

"I don't have enough time to commit to this program."

We meet twice a month for 2 hours. Our sessions are designed to fit into your busy schedule while providing maximum impact. You’ll also have access to resources and journal prompts to work on at your own pace. This structure ensures that even the busiest individuals can participate and benefit from the program.

"I'm not sure if this program will work for me."

Our approach is grounded in proven methods and tailored to marginalized communities. Hear from others who have transformed their lives through our program and see the change for yourself. Our program blends psychosocial science, epigenetics, and indigenous practices, ensuring a holistic healing experience.

"I'm worried about opening up old wounds."

Healing can be challenging, but you won’t be alone. Our supportive community and compassionate guidance ensure you have the support you need every step of the way. We create a safe space for you to explore and heal, with the assurance that your well-being is our top priority.

"I can't afford the program right now."

We believe that healing should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans to fit your budget. You can choose to pay in installments, making it easier to manage the cost. Additionally, we offer a limited number of scholarships for those in need. Don’t let finances stand in the way of your healing journey.

These groups qualify for medical tax credits and HSA accounts

How would You Like To Purchase?

Did you know this counts as a health expense and you can use HSA funds?