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At Rooted in Reflection, we believe in providing you with the tools and spaces to support your healing journey. Explore our curated journals designed to guide your reflections and growth, and join our healing circles for a transformative experience over three months. Let’s heal and thrive together.

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Hamaca Ceremonies

Engage in a Transformative Ceremony Among the Trees Join us for a deeply transformative group healing experience, the Inner Child Hamaca Homecomings, where the sacred

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My Marianismo: Energy Healing Circle

My Marianismo: Energy Healing Circle This group is an intentional claim to our revolutionary love from within our cells throughout our aura. We step into

Virtual Group

My Marianismo: Unburdening Myself

My Marianismo: Unburdening Myself This space is for you and your inner child to unpack this intergenerational trauma that has you performing and people pleasing.