Transformative Talks for Healing and Growth

Cynthia Alonzo Perez, founder of Rooted in Reflection, delivers transformative and engaging speaking engagements that inspire and educate. With a unique blend of personal storytelling and professional expertise, Cynthia connects deeply with audiences, offering insights on mental health, cultural competence, and holistic healing.

Key Topics

Inner Child Healing: Unlock the potential of addressing childhood wounds to create meaningful change and personal growth.

Latinx Mental Health: Explore culturally relevant mental health strategies that honor and integrate Latinx heritage.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Learn about the profound impacts of ACEs and effective methods to support recovery and resilience.

Self-Compassion and Resilience: Discover practical techniques for fostering self-compassion and building emotional resilience.

Shame and Healing: Gain an understanding of shame and strategies to cultivate shame resilience and self-worth.

Intergenerational Trauma and Epigenetics: Dive into the complexities of intergenerational trauma and learn how ancestral wisdom and modern science can guide healing through epigenetics.

Marianismo and Cultural Healing: Investigate the cultural construct of marianismo and its impact on mental health, promoting effective and empathetic communication.

Cultural Sociology and Wellness: Examine the impact of cultural dynamics on mental health and wellness, fostering a deeper understanding of diverse experiences.

Unique Value

  • Personal and Professional Expertise: Cynthia brings over 15 years of experience in mental health and a deep personal connection to her work.
  • Compelling Storytelling: Her ability to weave personal narratives with professional insights makes for an engaging and memorable experience.
  • Innovative Approaches: Cynthia integrates the latest research in neuroscience, somatics, and cultural practices to provide cutting-edge knowledge.
  • Cultural Relevance: Her talks are grounded in cultural competence, offering relevant and impactful strategies for diverse audiences.

Ideal Audiences

  • Corporate Teams: Enhance workplace culture and employee well-being through engaging and informative talks.
  • Community Organizations: Empower community members with knowledge and tools for mental health and healing.
  • Educational Settings: Inspire students and staff with transformative insights on mental health, resilience, and cultural competence.
  • Conferences and Events: Add depth and inspiration to your event with Cynthia’s powerful presentations.

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Cynthia Alonzo Perez

Inner Child Hype Woman

Cynthia Perez, MSW, LCSW, is the founder of Rooted in Reflection. She’s an expert in intergenerational trauma and bilingual, culturally sensitive therapy, offering transformative workshops and retreats.

Why Rooted in Reflection?

  • Expertise with Heart

    With over 15 years of experience in mental health and a deep personal connection to her work, Cynthia offers unparalleled expertise that resonates on both professional and personal levels.

  • Engaging Storytelling

    Cynthia’s unique blend of personal narratives and professional insights creates a compelling and memorable experience that captivates and inspires audiences.

  • Cutting-Edge Knowledge

    Integrating the latest research in neuroscience, somatics, and cultural practices, Cynthia provides innovative and practical strategies for mental health and well-being.

  • Cultural Competence

    Grounded in cultural relevance, Cynthia’s talks offer impactful strategies tailored to diverse audiences, fostering a deeper understanding and connection.